Who are some of the top fashion icons in music?

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For decades young people have looked to music to find top fashion icons (Lady Gaga anyone?). While young fashionistas aspire to take their place these women have solidified their spot in the pages of iconic history. These are the styles that come around over and over again continuing to inspire designers and trendsetters alike but were pioneered by some of the music industry’s best of the best in both singing and aesthetics.

Grace Jones

Famed runway model Jones created an androgynous look that remains iconic today. Known for angular padded clothing that accentuated her exceptional height, her extreme hair and makeup choices added fuel to the fire of the cross-dressing community of the late seventies. She has gone on to inspire trendsetters of today such including Rihanna, Lorde, and Grimes.

Diana Ross

She is unparalleled both in her contributions to the music industry and pop culture. Her larger than life style solidified her as a “diva” in a cotton jumpsuit and wooden beads as mush as in sequins and big hair. Seen in the sixties dressed to match The Supremes she managed to shine through in the backdrop of sequins and brocade with effortless style and grace.


Known as the “dark lady” Cher’s beautiful frame looked best barely covered by scrumptious Bob Mackie creations. She may not have dressed for the Oscars but age is more iconic because of it. The clothes she chooses reflect her overall persona of ignoring what other people think in favor of doing what is true to herself. Millions of people would love to wear a gossamer frock with strategically placed sequins or an American Indian inspired bikini complete with floor-length headdress but Cher does and gives her admirers a thrill each time she struts the red carpet.

Marianne Faithfull

Immediately recognizable by her shaggy bangs, she is a beautiful example of the wanton excess of sixties style. Sporting short hemlines complimenting her shaggy locks Faithfull epitomized the freedom of the decade that continues on to be identifiable today. She artfully towed the line between hippie and mod and added in just a dash of heroin chic that would come into greater fashion because of her.

Josephine Baker

From humble roots as an American-born housecleaner and babysitter, she became one of the most photographed women in Europe thanks to her outrageous stage costumes. Complemented by her pencil thin eyebrows, dark lips, and water waves closely hugging her head she was one of the top fashion icons in her time. Baker was often seen on stage with her pet cheetah Chiquita, who had a diamond collar, she had a savage mystique that captured the eyes of much of 1930s France and was even the muse for Pablo Picasso and Christian Dior.

These women each have a single attribute in common, they all had a unique sense of style and they all had the confidence to wear what they wanted regardless of what their detractors said. These rebels at every decade have a serious devotion to style and it shone through no matter what they wore.

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