Why should I purchase a vintage wedding gown instead of a new one?

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This could be the most important day of your life so far. This is a day you have might have dreamed about since you were a little girl playing with Barbies. Of course you want it to be perfect. For most brides, one of the first things they think of after the proposal is their dress. Perhaps you have had their eye on one, or maybe a certainly style or shape has always caught your eye. No matter if you are planning an elaborate wedding for 400 or going to Hawaii for a destination wedding, or walking your wedding party down to the local beach, your dress will play an important role on that special day.

A very important consideration for many brides is that they want their dress to be special. You probably don't want to walk down an aisle wearing the same dress you have seen at the last three weddings. You want a dress that is unique and reflects the special relationship you are celebrating. A vintage wedding gown will do that. Because of its rarity, a vintage dress is likely to be the only one of its kind. A dress that you love, that fits you well, that is twenty to seventy years old is a precious find and a dress that will be a memorable part of your perfect day.

Vintage dresses have a style that has stood the test of time. Depending on the decade you choose, you will find that most vintage clothing is made better and those items that have been kept, have a timeless style. For the most part, the dresses that people have chosen to store carefully are those items that were well-chosen for their style and taste.

Another reason vintage wedding gowns are a perfect choice is that you can find an amazingly high quality dress, with all the details that make a gown unique, for much less than a new dress. While modern dresses could cost upwards of $3000, you could find a lovely vintage dress for as little as $300. Not only would you have an amazing and unique dress, but you will have saved quite a nice sum that you could spend on your honeymoon.

And finally, a third reason for choosing a vintage gown is the romance. Weddings are a time for memories; those that have passed and those that are yet to come. A vintage dress holds cherished memories and even, perhaps, a few good wishes for you. When you don a beautiful old gown, you are dressing yourself in an outfit that was once worn by someone long ago who had the same hopes and dreams you have. You take those beautiful memories and hopes down the aisle with you in that dress.

More and more, women are choosing vintage wedding gowns because of their style, quality, sentiment and value. Consider becoming one of the unique brides who will walk down the aisle in a piece of wearable history, and you might find the perfect dress for your perfect day.

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